Why to be Creative?


Many times, a certain dosis of nonsense leads to adopt hidden solutions, hardly visible under a formal, classic and orderly optic about problems.

Creativity is new, anarchic, different, changing, mobile, chaotic, mortal, fluctuating, disorderly, relational, modern, multicolor… Are you like that?

Why not? So, probably that’s why, normally, you try to solve our daily problems just using the opposite kind of actitudes that we talked about before.

break the rules

Being creative, we acquire a holistic vision about the general settlement of the situation, we disrupt the stablished order of things and structures and, finally find alternative solutions through the application of lateral thinking.

In this way, we can create a colaborative smooth atmosphere around unexpectedly situations, that suddenly appear in our usual activities, establishing new conditions, different organizative models or unthinkable alternatives, after a process that is normally called serendipity.

Some of the factors of Creativity could be:

Reinventing the wheel
Using lateral thinking
Break the established rules
Go through (overseas vision)
Be in constant disagreement
Not to do the things always in the same way

Finally, remember that human creativity is the main economic resource of future society, unless they want to disapear.

And, also Creativity is more fun!

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?



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