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Gustavo PB

I am an expertised international consultant with more than 25 years of professional activity. I have worked in many different areas and sectors, performing international business development projects all over the world. Throughout my career I have held very high level responsibility positions with proven success in leading Digital Marketing 1.0 & 2.0, International Business, Social Media and Logistic projects in all companies I have worked for.

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I think I am a very hard working motivated individual, who strives to better myself far beyond expectations. I have a strong background working in teams of many sizes and performing individually, setting my own deadlines, prioritising and coordinating a lot of tasks at a time.

I am a very quick learner and I have the ability to adapt myself very quickly to new dramatic situations to find common ground with my colleagues. I am also a logical thinker who thrives on overcoming challenges throughout my life.

Finally, I have a great sense of humor that many times has save myself from disaster…


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